Wall Dimension 3D Vinyl Wall Tile Designer Sample Set

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This Sample Set Include One of Each Design
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If you are professional designer, we have put together a convenient Sample Package for you. This Sample Package includes each of the design we have. 

Transform Your Living Space !
The walls of our homes are usually the largest minimally-used space in the house. Even though they are right at eye level, we don't do much with them beyond paint and pictures.

Giving it a new look will totally transform your living space!

Wall Dimension Peel and Stick 3D Vinyl Wall Tile is an affordable and simple way to start the transformation. Get the Ceramic/Stone/Glass/Stainless Steel look for a lot less work and expenditure. The 3D Vinyl Wall Tile create a modern and appealing ambiance, making your living space warm, welcoming and ultra modern. Your friends will be impressed!

Peel and Stick 3D Vinyl Wall Tile comes with adhesive pre-applied on the back. Simply peel off the protective cover and glue it to the wall. It is so simple you can finish the whole wall in one afternoon and surprise your love one at dinner time. 

Idea For
1. Kitchen backsplash
2. Accented wall
3. Decoration
4. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom wall

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