Why is Wall Dimension 3D Wall Panel Better?

One alternative to Wall Dimension 3D Panels comes in the form of plant fiber products. Plant fiber panels are often touted as inexpensive and biodegradable, but as a result they also wear down very easily. Plant fiber is basically a paper-based product.

Our Wall Dimension 3D Panels is 2nd Generation wall panel that are built to be long lasting and to resist wear. It is made from safe and durable plastic material, you can be sure that your walls will look good and stay that way too for as long as you own your house or business!

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We make installing 3D panels a breeze by doing some of the work for you! Adhesive is pre-applied to the back so all you have to do is measure and place. You can literally get a room done in one afternoon. Easy!

 Setting up plant fiber panels on the other hand is a lot like installing the floor tiles. You have to apply your own glue yourself (messy) all while making sure the other panels  don’t get dirty. Also, paper panels bruise easily during the set-up process (see below).


 Being made of durable plastic, you can guarantee that our products will keep their shape. The corner is always at 90 degree, you don't have to worry about misaligned corner when putting the panels together.   A lot of things can go wrong with plant fiber panels during shipping or installation. One commonly seen problem is a mangled corner. This will cause problems when you try to line the panel up on the wall.

 We tested our panels durability by pressing them down (hard) and popping them back up, you can see that the damage to our panels are hardly noticeable, looking almost as good as new.  After pushing down on the plant fiber panels, the damage was very apparent and completely irreverse-able. This push action happens a lot to the wall. A friend may lean against the wall or a child may even push it down out of curiosity!


 Our panels are completely water proof! They don’t fade or decay to water so you won’t have to worry about any water spilling anywhere on your walls.  Unlike Wall Dimension 3D Wall Panels, plant fiber panels absorb water. Because of that, they soften and ruin easily, just like a paper plates in the dishwasher.


 With Wall Dimension 3D Panels, you can decorate your bathroom area as well! Our panels don’t absorb moisture so you don't have to worry about a thing.  Plant fiber panels cannot be installed in a bathroom setting due to its humidity (plant fiber panels will eventually soften and decay and become moldy).
 Who says you can only decorate indoors? Our 3D Wall Panels can be used outdoor as well. It's a perfect way to transform your patio or backyard.  Plant fiber panels cannot be used outdoors due to weather exposure (see durability tests).
 Do you have a curved wall? Wall Dimension 3D Wall Panels can follow the curves of a wall. In this example, our panels are used to decorate a curvy office wall.  Plant fiber panels cannot be bent without suffering permanent damage (see durability tests above).

Our 2nd Generation 3D Wall Panels is better suited for your living or office spaces due to its ease of use, durability, versatility and flexibility. Your spaces is a place you want to enjoy for the years to come, not a place you worry about crumbled or dirty wall panel.

There are many applications where you can use our 3D Wall Panels, to get some ideas, check out our photo albums where we collected some of the projects from our customers. 

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