3D Wall Panel - GAPLESS WAVE| P/N WD-077C - 12 Panels

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3D Wall Panel - GAPLESS WAVE. Comes with pre-installed adhesive for easy installation
Part Number: WD-077C
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These highly contoured Gapless Wave panels offer a plentiful feast for the eye and playful respite for the imagination. The remarkable and sophisticated Wave design is sure to turn the heads and stimulate the senses of everyone you invite into your home or workplace

Bored with the same look of your office or home? Give a new life to the walls with 3D Wall Panels!   

The wall is the most noticeable space of a room; so, it should be visually appealing. Vibrant colors and exotic patterns on the wall can give a brighter and luxurious feel to any dorm. 

Our best-selling 3D wall panels are designed to flaunt the interior wall décor of your house without any mess of glue. Simply peel and stick them to the wall, and you get an all-new look. Installing our 3D Wall  Panels is a breeze since the adhesive is already pre-applied, saving you lots of precious time installing them and clean up afterward.

The best part? We have the largest selection of 3D Wall Panel designs. The designs can be personalized according to your requirements or tastes. Want to create a diamond shape? Or do wavy patterns appeal to you most? Cubic design anyone? Whatever is your fancy, we’ve got them! install the decorative PVC 3D Wall Panels in exuberating layouts right away.

Unlike all other 3D Wall Panel products on the market today, we are on a mission to chase what we called the “Perfect Wave”. We strive to make our products much better by minimizing the gap between panels, redesign the height of the wavy pattern to make them uniform and making sure that the wave pattern is contiguous across panels. Why are all these important? By making all these improvements, the pattern that shows up on your wall will flow more naturally, pattern will be contiguous, the height of the pattern will be uniform. All these provide a more soothing, professional, and luxurious look to the wall. Our wall is one that you will enjoy for years to come, not one that you will complain about daily.  Our break-thru Gapless designs are available in Wave, Twig, and Serene. 

Our 3D wall panels will help you win the interior wall decoration game and get rid of the ugly, stubborn problematic walls! Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen, living room, feature walls, meeting room, lobby backdrop, reception desk front, restaurant, or cafes; create a stunning visual effect with these easy to apply panels.
Our 3D wall panels are ideal for bathrooms as well as outdoors being made up of waterproof and highly durable plastic. Our products maintain their shape, do not crumble under pressure and the corners are always at 90 degrees for that perfect layout. They are easy to clean, durable, and waterproof. 

Peel And Stick quick DIY installation
Manufactured from safe, sturdy plastic material. No odor or vapor
Supreme craftsmanship
Lightweight and easy to handle
Bendable for that curve wall
Elegant 3D visual impact
Easy to clean
Fire resistant
Very cost-effective solution
Come in a box set of 12 panels, covering 32.3 square feet of space
Paintable with any out-door, or in-door water-based or oil paints.

Pro tip:  Combine the 3d wall panels with a creative lighting system for a stunning effect.

It’s time to transform your living space with these 3D Wall Panel designs. Give it a try and wave the old mundane wall a sweet goodbye.


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