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Peel & Stick Wood Plank-Full Size Single Plank

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Peel & Stick DIY Real Wood Wall Plank - Single Full size Piece
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Some time the best is to see the real thing. Here you can order a single piece of Full Size plank that is approximately 46.5" x 5". Pick as many as you like. 

Transform Your Space.

Warm up your home or office and fill it with a pleasant feel with our patent-pending and unique Peel & Stick DIY Real Wood Wall Plank. The soothing color, the pleasant inherent fragrance of the wood, and unprecedented durability make it the perfect fit for your space. The planks are designed and crafted to ease you through the installation process keeping in mind all the needs of a DIY’er. 

Put In A Few Good Hours And Install It With Unparalleled Ease 
You will not need to hire professionals and days of work to install these wooden planks. If you are remotely familiar with DIY’ing, you will find no trouble in installing these on your room’s walls. Just get the basic tools and refer to our installation guide and install them to perfection in a few hours. 

Unreal Texture and Super Durable 
It is not just the color. There is so much more to these planks than just their calming and pleasant color. Their exquisite texture and pattern make them one of our bestsellers. The panels are not just fancy…they last a long time. 

Made from Natural Material 
It is not just the smell. It actually is natural. All Wall Dimension Wood Plank are made with real North America Spruce, Pine or Fir wood , presenting authentic design and texture for a natural rich finish. Each plank is unique, giving your decor a warm and natural look. 

Manufactured to Perfection 
Our unique manufacturing process will ensure what you put up on the wall will last. Natural wood will bend, cup, contract or expand naturally, in order to minimize these natural behavior, besides ordinary kiln drying, we apply thermal-modified treatment where we individually treated each plank to more than 360 degree Fahrenheit of heat without oxygen. As a result, our plank is 80% more stable and more durable. We also designed-in the grooves on the back of the plank to help keep the planks straight over a long period of time. 

Sourced from Sustainable Sources 
While making the high quality product is nice, we understand that natural forest is an important resources to keep for generation to come. We are proud that our woods are harvested in a very responsible and sustainable way and we are certified by FSC Organization to make sure that our supplier do it right. All these attention to details are what keep our product unique, high quality and green. 

We back up our high quality product with 8 years warranty.  

1.The product must be used on interior walls only, make sure that your walls have a clean dry and flat surface.
2.For certain surfaces, you may need additional adhesive. If that's the case, please use polyurethane construction adhesive available in any hardware store. 
3.Real wood has naturally occurring characteristics including but not limited to color variation, open knots, splits, nail holes, saw mark, wane and varying surface textures. These characteristics are the desired result of the aging of a natural material.
4. Fire retardant test: We have done TEST FOR SURFACE BURNING CHARACTERISTICS OF BUILDING MATERIAL according to standard ASTM E84-14. Test result is Class B, which is for ordinary construction environment. 

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